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About Me

Alicia Maury is a Puerto Rican painter and artisan who has created beautiful and colorful paintings, drawings and ceramic sculptures. Her landscape and portrait paintings are from the Impressionism and Romantic Surrealistic styles. In each of her paintings and sculptures, Maury reflects a message of love for simple, sublime and traditional things. Her ceramic sculptures are miniature representations of traditional homes from her native Puerto Rico.

For the past 25 years, Maury has worked as a free-lance artist developing and perfecting her talent as an artisan. She has displayed her art in national and international galleries and museums. She has also developed and taught Fine Arts and Artisan workshops in major universities, public libraries, community agencies and institutions.

Maury studied Fine Arts in her native island of Puerto Rico. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Montclair State University and her Masters degree in Fine Arts from Kean University.

Achievements and Awards

Among her many achievements, Maury was awarded the "Premio de Excelencia" as a Puerto Rican artisan by the Instituto de Puerto Rico of New York. From the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Center for Hispanic Policy, she received an honorable recognition for her contribution to the arts. In 1991 and 1992, Alicia was awarded "Outstanding Puerto Rican Artist of NJ". In 1996, she received the "Hispanic Outstanding Artist of NJ". In the same year, she also received the "Outstanding Puerto Rican Artisan of NY and NJ". Maury also founded and served as President of the non-profit Foundation for Hispanic Women Artists, Inc. Art Expo representing Puerto Rico in Italy.

Maury was also recently saluted at the Women's History Month Awards Reception on March 26, 1999. At that same reception, she received the Fine Arts Award and a Resolution honoring her from the New Jersey State General Assembly.

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